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We are excited about all the new development but are concerned about safety with potentially 2700 cars going through our residential streets every day on Stonehaven Street Cir and Elizabeth Street Circle.  These are not collector roads built for other developments to use to access highways: these roads were built for neighborhood use. This will cause accidents and back-ups on Flying Circle on the way out to Hwy 52. This will endanger our children and pets with additional traffic load on streets not made to handle this volume. More people and more traffic than streets can handle can cause property damage.

Safety and Development can exist in the same space.


As of today, future residents of the Ridgelands development will have no guaranteed way to access Hwy 52 going westbound except through Sharpe Farms. At an average of 10 trips a day per household, there is a potential of 2700 or more trips on a curved residential road faced by homes and children playing. Andrews is not classified as a collector road and is not designed in mind to be a highway collector for traffic from another neighborhood. We are asking the city council to close access to Andrews because the developer of Ridgelands should be providing a second access on a legitimate collector road for Ridgelands residents to get to westbound Hwy 52.  

Mesa Ridge

The development for this neighborhood seems to be doing everything right, ensuring they are using a collector road, providing more access to their neighbors to Grandview Blvd and ensuring construction traffic stays in the development until completed.. The development directly south of South Farms will be using Flying Circle Blvd as one of their access points to get to Hwy 52 east or westbound. Without westbound Hwy 52 access to York, Ridgelands traffic will add further congestion through the residential streets of Andrews, Stonehaven St, and Elizabeth Circle, and there will be back-ups on those streets that weren't designed to be collector streets. This will create a burden for all the citizens of Sharpe Farms, and Mesa Ridge as Flying Circle becomes congested...and more dangerous for children playing in our parks.  

Flying Circle Blvd Development

The Flying Circle Development will potentially provide businesses that residents have been asking for, including coffee shops, restaurants, doctor's offices, and small retail.  This development will also add outside traffic to the Flying circle intersection on Hwy 52. Ridgelands traffic will further add to congestion without guaranteed access to York Street to get to Westbound 52. The Coalition has asked that 6th Street be opened to Colorado Blvd to account for the business traffic generated on the parcels just north of Sharpe Farms. Council approved a change from C1 commercial which would have provided some protection from the concern residents shared about another gas station coming and would not limit residential in the future. Because this new development is not required to make a right-hand turn onto the traffic circle, concern has been expressed by our neighbors that accidents could bottleneck our access to Hwy52.

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