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The Citizens
Bill of Rights

Our Coalition is Pro-Good Development.  But that doesn't happen without citizen input and our elected representatives directing city staff to work in an appropriate manner that ensures new development pays its own way to mitigate the impacts of that development.  Their should be honesty and transparency in normal every day government operations.

Citizens should also be afforded certain basic civility while voicing their opinions and wishes without being intimidated or harassed at their place of work or business.

The Citizens Bill of Rights

As residents and tax-paying citizens of Dacono, we deserve and expect that the City Council of Dacono, our elected and representative officials, and the Planning and Zoning Commission of Dacono direct the Dacono City Staff to do the following:


  1. Allow residents to voice their comments and concerns during meetings, including items not on the current agenda, without being shut down by city staff. The City invites the public to express their concerns to you during the public comment period, and therefore it is our first amendment right to be heard and not discouraged nor disparaged.

  2. To hear and answer our questions during hearings.

  3. To treat with courtesy and respect Dacono residents.

  4. To give truthful and forthright answers regarding the planning process, timelines and expressed outcomes.

  5. To allow City Council Members and Planning & Zoning Commission members to have their questions answered during public hearings so it is on public record and therefore easily accessible to the applicant and public alike.

  6. Provide adequate notification of Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council Meetings regarding Land Use Matters by letter, text, email and physical posted notice.

  7. Expand POSTED NOTICE area from 500ft to 2000ft. Development is coming to Dacono, affecting neighbors in the entirety of Dacono neighborhoods, not just at the edge of development. 

  8. To ensure transparency on the city website, where critical information is posted, have links not broken, such as links to the city’s municipal code and the Comprehensive plan and zoning information updated. Future hearings for land use matters should be easily accessible on the website and agendas and materials for city council meetings be posted a minimum of a week in advance so that both citizens and council members can have time to review items. This includes having the city budget on the website*

  9. That the City’s follow best practices and that the Comprehensive plan be updated every 5 years with listening meetings for public input from our residents. 

  10. Residents should not be subject to intimidation at their place of work or threatened professionally because they are voicing their concerns as residents.

*The Coalition has already won victories by making sure important information is accessible to residents, including website access to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and to the city’s municipal code. Mayor Pro-tem Kathy Wittman acknowledged the links were broken and are now fixed. In addition, after a year hiatus, our elected officials are now working on posting videos to council meetings for those of us who work or have family obligations. The city budget is also now on the website, thanks to efforts of the coalition.

Add your name to the Bill of Rights below to submit to City Council:

Thank you for standing up for good governance.

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